Tired Of Boring Gym Workouts?
Learn How to Control Your Body To Do Awesome Skills

We specialise in teaching struggling fitness practitioners who want to increase their strength and stability for bodyweight training by helping them discover a process that works for their specific body type to increase their proprioception, balance and power in their practice within 12 weeks.

What You’ll Learn

As a student of Circalign you will learn confident command over your body so that you can execute gymnastic, calisthenic and modern circus style skills in a safe and controlled manner

Top 5 Benefits of Training with Circalign

  • Clobber your goals and gain control of your anxiety by learning to control your handstand in 90 days or less.
  • Eliminate defeat by working with an experienced trained eye that can direct you to your objective in simple and easy to understand terms thereby maximising your training efforts to achieve your goals.
  • Discover a fast and easy process that will help you accelerate your strength gains so that even you can execute a human flag.
  • Leverage your training to master muscle ups on both the bar and rings with our unique and innovative training system.
  • Overcome your fears by discovering a fun new way to exercise your way to losing weight with health & happiness.

“Since working with Lincoln, I have gone from no chin ups to doing chin ups, handstands, cartwheels & acrobatics so I am ready for my auditions at NICA. I have lost 16kg and am much happier now more than ever.” – Christine Ong

“Since starting with Lincoln I have noticed a massive improvement with my muscle-ups and handstands. I’ve been able to pass on his knowledge to the athletes I work with. As a coach and athlete the sessions have been invaluable.”Raa Newcombe, CrossFit Coach & Personal Trainer
“Working with Lincoln has been a revelation. My goal at the start was to be able to lift my own body weight. I can do that now and run more efficiently and faster. My general level of fitness, mood and outlook has certainly improved. I look forward to getting out of bed at 6:30 in the morning. Turning 40 at the end of the year but certainly don’t feel 40. I feel better than I did when I turned 30. Cheers to you Lincoln!”Adam Castricum, Sports & Exercise Medicine Physician
“Over the time I’ve trained with Lincoln, he listened to my problems, changed and adapted the training to ensure I don’t injure myself and continued to improve my level of fitness.  He has established a level of trust with me so that I now try things I would never have attempted before. I have learnt more about maintenance than I ever thought I would, and also become stronger than I believed possible.”Christina Turner, Managed Fund Investor
“Over the last 12 months, I have strengthened my core, improved my breathing and pelvic floor control and loosened my leg and hip muscles. I have just about eliminated back pain. Additionally, I’ve learnt exercises to do when I feel the onset of back pain to prevent the pain from developing. This has given me the confidence to do things and go places I would otherwise have avoided.”Russell Watts, Retiree

Please Note: At this time Coaching is only available for participants living in Melbourne, Victoria Australia.